Vision Statement

"We aim to be the best multispeciality organisation providing the best medical treatment at reduced prices for people from all lifestyles, with well-qualified and trained staff striving to make each day comfortable for each patient"

Om hospital, Jalna


Until he extends the circle of his compassion to all living things, man will not himself find peace.”

Keeping the above in mind, the diligent staff strives to incorporate complete transparency and promote positive health among every patient, by creating an affectionate and peaceful environment. With a goal of improvement each day, it works endlessly to fulfill its social responsibilities, trying to evolve as a benchmark in quality healthcare available to all.


News Updates

Mega CANCER CAMP on Saturday 31st May, 2014

Durgadevi Agrawal Cancer Unit of OM Hospital in association with Lion Club of Jalna is organising this camp. Free detection, surgery & chemotherapy will be provided. For more details contact : 9405060525

Om Hospital implemented RGJAY Scheme

It is a State Government Of Maharashtra scheme which aims to improve access of Below Poverty Line (BPL) and Above Poverty Line (APL) families (excluding White Card Holders as defined by Civil Supplies Department) to quality medical care for identified speciality services requiring hospitalization for surgeries and therapies or consultations through an identified Network of health care providers.

Bariatic Surgery now at Om Hospital

Weight loss surgery (bariatic surgery) by world renowned bariatric and metabolic surgeon  Dr. Ramen Goel( M.S, F.I.C.S.) & Dr. Nilesh O. Agrawal.

Director's Note

Dr. Onkardas Agrawal

Dr. O M Agrawal,

Om was established with a dream to achieve excellence and health care, provide holistic care to each patient, irrespective of his background. We at Om, conceived a dream to create an environment based on the triad of Integrity, Sensitivity and Trust, and today, we are living this dream. 

Om, a powerful syllable, is believed to hold within it, the vibrations of the entire Universe. Holding the essence of the universe, this syllable has the power to change or to heal. Om hospital, jalna

Success Stories

Om hospital, jalna Om hospital, jalna